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Monsters Reborn

July 7, 2016

One of the biggest motivations for polishing and updating the game since it's first soft release was reworking and updating what I considered to be graphics that were unsatisfactory, poorly made, or rushed. With more…


What is a tab, exactly?

May 30, 2016

Hey everyone. Progress has not stopped, or really slowed down. I do have a specific work schedule for the game, and it's usually in the mornings to afternoons on days where I work late. I…



The Dark Realm is like a perverse side of reality. The rules that govern our world don’t change much in the Dark Realm, except for one large exception. All manner of the supernatural exists. You can expect a lot of zombies, vampires and other creatures of the night (and nightmares) to roam the land.


The dark realm is a bleak, dire place, sure, but people still live here, just among the undead. Happiness and other emotions certainly exist, especially for the people living there, It just exists among the more macabre aspects of the Dark Realm. Overall, the people of the Dark Realm haven’t known anything else, so for them, to be living among the walking dead is not particularly strange.

The Dark Realm came to be when a dark lord named Malahyde claimed it for his personal reign. He was not a benevolent leader and eventually the people tired of his antics. He was very powerful, however, having secured the throne through the exertion of his own personal strength. 12 warriors came together to overthrow Malahyde, lead by a singularly brave woman named Nova.





Aeon is a reclusive undertaker that roams the catacombs below the sacred remains searching for all manner of creatures and individuals that do not belong there.

She is the best shot within the dark realm, showing a lifetime of dedication to the art of gun slinging. In her spare time, she collects antique records, and traps and releases wildlife. She is extremely secretive and is not apt to reveal much information about her past and true nature, which leads one to believe that something sinister must lie underneath her covered visage. Aeon hails from the dark realm, and acts as a guide for Samantha when she happens upon her in the catacombs. For reasons unknown, Aeon seems to confide in Samantha much more than most people.



Ethan is an energetic and outgoing young man who is a student at Solemn Heights Collegiate.

As a child, he enjoyed reading, but was often scolded by his father for being lazy and doing things his father felt were a waste of time. His mother abandoned the family when he was 10, and since then, his relationship with his father has gotten progressively worse. He still enjoys reading, but often hides the fact. As well, he has taken up boxing, doing well for himself locally. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with a motorbike that he restored and can often be seen riding around the neighborhood on his pride and joy. Ethan hails from our world, Earth, but is drawn into the Dark Realm by a malevolent energy known as Sin.



Samantha is a sarcastic young woman who is a student at Solemn Heights Collegiate.

She used to be much more positive and outgoing, but since the death of her mother two years ago, she has become quieter and more reclusive. She lives with her dad, but they don’t get along very well, and both are apt to bouts of arguing. Samantha, regardless of her demeanour, is none-the-less active, and she enjoys fencing and volleyball.She is an exceptional artist, and spends a lot her free time sketching still-life and creating imaginary creatures from her mind. Samantha hails from our world, Earth, but is drawn into the Dark Realm by a malevolent energy known as Sin.